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Darien Chiropractor Brian McKay has written several published articles on lateral epicondylytis.


Tennis Elbow Causes
Tennis Players often start to develop painful symptoms in the lateral portion of their elbow. This painful condition causes inflammation of the tendons that cross the elbow. The tendons are dense muscle fibers and are encased in a connective tissue called fascia. The fascia is the nerve rich connective tissue between muscles and bones. When extra stress is put onto the muscle tendons there is extra stress placed on the fascia as well causing its shape to be distorted. The distorted tendon tissue becomes gritty and causes increased friction. The increased friction causes more pain and inflammation as the athlete uses the involved muscles repetitively. Over a period of time the tissue becomes restricted and the pain will get worse.


Tennis Elbow Treatments
Treatment options include anti- inflammatory medication, elbow braces, and perhaps cortisone shots, and the expected rest and ice. What happens when this fails to cure your tennis elbow ? We have an interesting solution that is unique and particularly effective. Dr.McKay uses a combination of therapies that  when combines have a synergistic effect in that our results have had tremendous impact for our patients.


Tennis Elbow Therapy
Here is what we do that is special. Graston is a specialized soft tissue technique that reduces the adhesion’s that form in the fascia that cause so much pain. The next step in the process is where we use Class IV Cold Laser to allow small photons of light to energize the damaged tissue and stimulate proper regrowth of the tissue. It does not stop here. A final step is then added where we analyze the motion of the entire upper extremity using a method called Activator Technique.Small bio mechanical corrections are made to optimize the motion of the elbow.


Tennis Elbow Results
This may seem complicated but the results are outstanding which is the most important thing. Our tennis elbow treatment is highly effective and will have you back on the tennis court pretty quickly.If you would like to learn more make an appointment by clicking the red click to schedule button below the tennis player. We look forward to help you back on the court without any tennis elbow pain.


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