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Core Health has your answer when it comes to Plantar Fasciitis Relief.
Dr.McKay has authored a book called “Give Plantar Fasciitis the 1-2 Punch”. It is available on . Dr.McKay explains what he has learned from treating hundreds of cases of plantar fasciitis over the past 10 years. It includes exercises and stretches for plantar fasciitis. More importantly it demonstrates where and how plantar fasciitis symptoms arise. Then it goes into detail about how plantar fasciitis can be treated especially after all other modalities have failed to get the results we regularly enjoy for our patients.


What is Plantar fasciitis? A painful condition that affects the heel or bottom of the foot, which is known as the plantar surface. The covering on the muscle is called fascia and it becomes irritated when the muscles rub against the tissue. It is painful you will know it you have it. 
What we do is different which is why we get results when the shots, night splints and anti- inflammatory’s   fail to work.
  Extremity adjusting may sound foreign to you. This is where we adjust the bones of the foot to restore the arch. It is an important step in treating  Achilles Tendinitis and Plantar fasciitis.  This method of chiropractic care uses the muscles in specific movements to release bones that have become “stuck”. It has becomes the care of choice for the Ironman Triathlons across the world mainly because it offers superior results and high levels of patient satisfaction. We could do a pretty good job if we left off here but we don’t. There is more work to completely relieve the pain of plantar fasciitis. Graston is a soft tissue technique that has gained followers because it is particularly effective in relieving muscle, tendon and fascia pain by removing adhesion’s that form in the soft tissue as a result of trauma or overuse. Typically both trauma and over use contribute to Plantar Fasciitis symptoms. The Graston procedure can be slightly uncomfortable as the doctor moves the surgical tool over the surface area of the affected body parts. This will remove the adhesion’s that are causing increased pain and restriction of the soft tissue. Now if ended our treatment here alone the patient would be light years ahead and see a dramatic improvement in their symptoms.


Class IV Cold Laser Therapy
Light as a form of therapy has been accepted for years. Let’s explain it further how it can help with pain associated with plantar fasciitis. High intensity packets of light called photons are pojected into tissue using a Cold Laser. These are all FDA approved for safety and have been around for years. Recently Cold Lasers are being used more as we understand how effective they are for treating soft tissue adhesions. The light penetrates the cell membrane and turns on the mitochondria inside the cell. Mitochondria is the power source for the cell. By stimulating the mitochondria it is believed to have faster healing properties as the damaged cells regenerate. The restricted tissue that produces the adhesions causing the myofascial pain are aided by more energy. Core Health Darien is among a small handful of providers who are using this cutting edge combination of therapies.


Combining These 3 Therapies is why we can help you with even the worst cases of plantar fasciitis.
 There are a few things you can do. One you can watch the video on this page. You can go ahead and schedule an appointment with the tab above the video and below the image.Dr. McKay is available on a limited basis to take your questions over the phone to help you decide a course of action. Click here now to set up a convenient time for you to have your questions answered. Many wonder how a chiropractor started treating plantar fasciitis in the first place let alone writing a book on the subject. You can ask Dr.McKay when you speak with him.