Migraine Headaches

About Those Migraine Headaches You keep having

Migraine Headaches are terrible re-occurring headaches that cost the U.S. economy billions of dollars in sick time and missed days from work as well as lost productivity upon returning back to work. On the humane side there is so much pain and misery that goes along with these devastating headaches they can often lead to depression. As much as we know about migraines there is more that we do not know. So there are many treatments available some more effective than others. Here is what we have found to be helpful at Core Health.


Migraine headaches  can caused by a loss of curvature in the cervical spine can be treated successfully. There are certain criteria that must be met the first being that the brain MRI is negative. We will need to take a lateral cervical x ray to see if there a straightening of the normal curve . If this is present we have a solid basis to begin our examination. The exam begins with the patient lying face down and we observe the base of the skull where it attaches to the neck. we want to see symmetry indicating that the head is level. If it is not we can help. Then we begin to palpate the trapezius muscles around the neck and shoulder area. If these points are tender we can help. Next we ask the patient to stand and move their head in several different planes of motion. If there is restriction we can help. Our migraine headache treatment is unique in that we are really looking outside the head. Once we establish the physical criteria we set a time to review with the patient our findings and explain how they correlate to their migraine symptoms.


What we do for your migraine headaches that you cannot get elsewhere
Massage is an integral part of getting your migraine headaches under control. We need to release the muscular stress that leads to the muscles being so tight that it can hurts to move your head. The muscle spasm contributes to your pain by pulling on the base of the skull crushing the delicate and very sensitive nerves that can cause your headaches. We then use a specialized adjusting technique called Activator Methods that allows to use a hand held instrument that gently moves the offending vertebra off the nerve. By reducing the nerve pressure during the adjustment the body will respond with a decreased pain response. This brings us to the final step and that is where we introduce Cold Laser technology to stimulate the nerve that had been crushed. By stimulating the nerve the outer covering of the nerve fiber can start allowing normal nerve transmission with the painful impediment having been removed using the chiropractic technique Activator.
  So let’s put it all together. This is an alternative way to treat migraine headaches that has helped many people get the relief they need but could not find elsewhere. Chances are your medical doctor will have you on medications for migraines. If they work then you will not need our help. If you are looking for serious migraine relief and have not found it you really should give us a try.


Steps for you to take to get Migraine Relief
There is a click to schedule tab above the video and below the image of the person holding their head. Schedule a time to be evaluated. We screen to ensure that  we only take the cases we are certain will respond to our holistic type of care. Some of you may have questions you would like answered. Dr.McKay has several time slots a week where he responds to your questions. Simply click here now to set up a time to speak with him. Watch the video to learn more. We love helping people get rid of their migraines are you the next happy patient?