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Below you’ll find a few of the conditions we treat:


Best Doctor for Low Back Pain?

Lower back pain afflicts 4 out of 5 adults. The question is what will you do when it strikes? For some people, taking a handful of Advil allows them carry on unhindered with the rest of their day.

What do you do if the pain keeps coming back? Can you afford to miss time from work? Who’s going to help you care for your kids? Do you just stop playing the sports you love?

We have a solution for you. Core Health offers a comprehensive set of treatments aimed at relieving your back pain as fast as possible. We understand how frustrating it can be; if getting back in the game is important to you, we do everything to make that happen. The very first day we meet you, we’ll begin treatment on the painful areas of your lower back.


Are you sick and tired of having headaches?

Are you sick and tired of having headaches? Have you really tried everything only to find the headache back a few days later? Maybe it is time to try something really different. A new method that combines soothing massage of the neck and shoulders combined with a Chiropractic Specialty called Activator Methods could be the answer you have been looking for? The best part of our treatment for headaches and migraines is that we can help you get off the medications that pack on the weight. It is bad enough your head hurts but when you gain unwanted pounds from the medications you are prescribed. Bring us your MRI and let’s see if we can help make a difference.


Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnant women experiencing lower back pain have very few options. You cannot take any pain medications because they could harm your baby. Where do you turn? Many O.B’s in Fairfield County send their patients to see us because usually we can help stop the pregnancy related low back pain. We gladly work with the toughest cases of pregnancy related lower back pain. We are pleased to help expecting Mom’s get out of pain to focus on their baby.


Plantar Fasciitis and Running

Plantar fasciitis is a painful condition that can cause serious heel discomfort making it difficult to run or walk. Doctors typically recommend cortisone shots and orthotics to correct the concern, but what do you do when these treatments simply aren’t enough?

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