Prenatal Lower Back & Pelvic Pain

Low Back Pain in Pregnancy serving Stamford, Darien, New Canaan and Norwalk

Fast & Effective Chiropractic Relief  for low back pain during pregnancy.

 Darien Chiropractor Brian McKay has made treating pregnant women with back pain a cornerstone of his practice for over 25 years. Low back pain can be a sign of early pregnancy. Core Health Darien cares for women from  very early pregnancy through lower back pain after pregnancy. We offer prenatal massage and physical therapy as well as safe & effective chiropractic care for pregnant Moms. The complexities of lower back pain and pregnancy requires a chiropractor who understands the many different types of back pain caused by pregnancy . There are safe exercises given to help with pregnancy related back pain at home  Your back pain relief  begins with a caring attitude while understanding the demands placed on Moms these days. We are proud of the reputation we have with local O.B.’s who refer their pregnant patients to us regularly. We feel their trust is well placed and we will do our best to help pregnant moms with lower back pain.


Lower back pain during the first trimester
 As you well know pregnant mothers with back pain can’t take medicine for the pain. We make sure that we offer lower back pain relief from the start of pregnancy to ensure their comfort and their baby’s safety. Dr.McKay has taken advanced classes to allow him to work effectively with this class of patients. There is a specialized treatment is called Activator, The treatment is given using a hand held tool to gently move the bones that are causing the lower back pain. What is so great about this method is that it is safe, comfortable and super effective. Patients love it. We have special tables that allow our” Mom’s to Be” a chance to lay flat on their stomach to receive treatment. After the Activator Adjustment we spend serious time getting the tension worked out by our expert massage therapist and physical therapist. Our patients leave rejuvenated and much more comfortale.


Lower Back Pain late Pregnancy (third trimester)
Back & Pelvic Pain can get worse as your pregnancy progresses. As the baby grows the added weight lowers your center of gravity. The added weight can press on spinal nerves causing low back pain and discomfort. Lower back pain will affect your ability to sleep later in your pregnancy. Now we have an over tired, pregnant “Mom’s to Be” with a heavy dose of pain compounded by the fact that they cannot take any medication for their low back pain. This is where we come in with special pressure point therapy in addition to Activator and massage therapy.The sooner in the pregnancy a Mom starts care the less likely she is going to have pain. It is our goal to offer greater levels of relief when you need it most. We are thrilled to help our pregnant patients throughout their pregnancy.
 Safe & effective exercises for prenatal back pain
Choosing the right exercises for prenatal back pain can be tricky, especially if this your first baby. Dr.McKay has a 3 part video series that shows safe stretches for relieving pregnancy related back problems. Often these at home remedies are enough to stop your back or pelvic pain. You can view these by clicking here now.
Natural Headache Relief During Pregnancy
At Core Health we understand that medications can harm your baby but where does that leave you as a pregnant mother when you suffer from headaches during your pregnancy?
 Core Health specializes in alternative headache treatments that are effective for you and safe for your baby as well. Activator Methods used in conjunction with massage for neck stress are great to relieve headaches. When combined with Cold Laser Therapy the overall effect offers additional relief in a synergistic manor. When pregnant and having back pain and  or pelvic pain we will get you out of pain quickly.


Dr. McKay has 5 children and likes to think he can empathize somewhat with his pregnant patients. He has written several articles on treating low back pain during pregnancy. He is available to answer your questions simple click here to schedule a time to speak to him directly. You will be put to ease as your comfort and your safety are most important with us.
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