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Welcome to Core Health Darien

Yes, of course we offer Chiropractic, Physical Therapy and Massage

I’m Dr. Brian McKay, my staff of chiropractors,physical therapists and massage therapists look forward to helping you. Be assured that you will receive immediate attention and will never be kept waiting. Here at Core Health we make it our business to treat you with as much consideration and attention as we would treat our families. You’ll find yourself at ease with our knowledgeable and professional staff.

We consistently deliver faster, longer lasting results by making a point of combining chiropractic care, massage, and therapy at our clinic so as to expedite the healing process. Let’s not waster your time!

To better serve you and your family we’re open six days a week. We take the hassle out of insurance by doing all the required insurance work so that you can focus on getting better.

Many local doctors and therapists in the area refer their toughest back pain, headache, foot pain, tennis elbow, and pregnancy related pain cases specifically to us.

To set up an appointment, simply give us a call or click the link below. See you soon!

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So maybe you were thinking of going to try out a chiropractor for those nasty headaches you keep getting. Perhaps that nagging back is starting to act up more often is a motivator for seeking chiropractic care. Maybe a good massage isn’t enough to help you get a good night’s sleep. Where do you find a good chiropractor? My suggestion is that you ask a friend for a referral. If they are happy you have a place to start. You can call the doctor up and ask to speak to him or her. They should be willing to spend a few minutes to make you more comfortable with trying chiropractic care for the first time.

Chiropractor In Darien

Let’s assume that you made an appointment. You should expect to fill out some paperwork so arrive a little early. If you have any imaging studies like previous xrays or mri’s bring them with you. The information is valuable and may save you the trouble and expense of having to take more this visit. The chiropractor will ask you many questions like any other doctor to learn more about your case. After that you will be examined with the main complaint area being focused on. You may need additional xrays or mri to allow the chiropractor to better understand your problem.

You may or may not receive treatment on this visit. A follow up visit is in order to tell you of the chiropractor’s finding and to give you a recommendation on treatment options. You should know that there are many different types of chiropractic treatments. It is entirely okay for you to ask about the treatment they have in store for you. The goal for your care should be as follows, it should be safe, comfortable and effective. With these goals in mind you should give chiropractic a solid try. By that I mean if your chiropractor says it will take 2 months for you to get better, heed that advice. Give it a chance by all means. You want results and your chiropractor wants results but sometimes results may take time. If you go into chiropractic care expecting instant results then do yourself a favor and don’t do it at all.

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You should see some improvement within 8 to 10 treatments then maybe chiropractic isn’t right for you but you will only know if you give it a solid try. Chiropractic works well for the right conditions. This is where you need to work with your chiropractor and give honest feedback. If you are not improving or do not like the treatment simply speak up. Changes can be made to your care. The treatment you receive can and should be modified if results you were expecting do not appear to be forthcoming. You are in charge and should speak up if your results are not to your expectations. The full benefit of chiropractic care is not just being pain free. Your nervous system runs your entire body. When the nervous system is impeded you can experience a whole host of problems in addition to the pain that made you seek out chiropractic care in the first place.

Lastly, try and look at chiropractic care as an adjunct to a healthier life style and enhanced quality of life. If you care enough to exercise, eat right and get a good amount of rest chiropractic can be even more effective. It is not just about being pain-free it is allowing full expression of body’s ability to function.

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At Core Darien, Dr. Brian McKay brings over 25 years of chiropractic experience to Stamford,Darien,Norwalk & New Canaan. Long before he became a chiropractor  he was a patient. Through that process, he discovered what characteristics he liked about the various chiropractors that treated him and aspired to emulate those best qualities when providing chiropractic care for his patients.


  • My story with Spinal Decompression is a true hair club for men story. I hurt my back changing a tire on my wife's car almost 16 years ago. Yes even chiropractors get bad backs. Well this was a really bad case. I had trouble exercising the pain was so
    Dr. Brian
  • CT Dr.Brian is the best chiropractor I have ever been to. And coming from a hairstylist on her feet all day, that is saying a lot.
    Jade Pellini Greenwich
  • I came in to see Dr.McKay for neck and lower back problems that had bothered me for years after an accident. I practice Karate and now I have no problem kicking higher with greater range with no pain what so ever.
    Alan Wedell Rowayton CT
  • Whenever my back acts up I see Dr.McKay right away and he fixes me up. He is amazing what he can do with his hands
    Franco Gencarelli Belltown CT
  • I had the worst debilitating lower back pain for years. A client recommended Spinal Decompression to me. After a few weeks the pain I had for over 20 years slowly started to go away. I can now report that my pain has left the building. I can travel a
    Ralph Collucci North Stamford
  • Dr.McKay helped my back pain. Now I am pain-free thanks to Dr. B.
    Mike Kuo Stamford CT
  • I came to Dr.McKay beginning in January with lower back and neck problems. He has since fixed my back and my neck continues to improve. His professional and friendly staffs are exceptional and accommodating. I have noticed an improvement in my postur
    Alan Wedell South Norwalk CT
  • I've been a patient of Dr. McKay's for 8 years and he has helped me out of more back jams than I can remember. He has treated me for lower back pain and sciatica and has always been able to return me to an active, pain-free life. I have also sought t
    Barbara Thomas - Stamford, CT
  • My back has never felt better. I plan on walking the Great Wall and was worried I would not make it. China here I come Thanks Dr. Brian
    Bev Nadler
  • I had a constant lower back pain and a lot of tension in the neck and shoulders. Dr. McKay worked on my imbalance and realigned my body. I now feel good. What a relief to be pain free. Dr. McKay really cares about his patients.
    Christine R. CT